What Is A Lifestyle?

Lifestyle, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is the “attitudes, interests, practices, and behavioral orientations of a person, family, community, or society”. The word was first introduced by Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler in his famous 1929 treatise, The Case of Miss R. With the implication of identifying a person’s “basic nature as established early in life”, this concept has been extended to include the characteristics of behavior. The main thrust of the book is to demonstrate that children inherit more than their parents do and that the latter must adjust to the former’s (adoptive) lifestyle and patterns in order for the child to attain his/her full potential.

In his study, Adler distinguishes three basic types of Lifestyle: Physical Lifestyle, emotional/psychological Lifestyle, and social activities/lifestyle. Adler believed that there are certain aspects of each that would consistently affect the other two. For example, a physically active child may become inactive because of the lack of physical activity and thus not develop properly. On the opposite side, a emotionally active child who values and likes social activities may get caught up in the social activities and neglect his physical needs.

There are many things that make up Lifestyle. Adler classifies Lifestyle into four major categories. These are Physical Lifestyle, psychological Lifestyle, social Lifestyle, and habit Lifestyle. In his classification, Adler believes that the four are interdependent and that they each have its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some examples of Lifestyle type that he identifies:

Physical Lifestyle includes things that we consciously perform every day. It can be anything from smoking to exercising. It is usually long-term, but it may wane as soon as we stop performing the habit. This is because for many people, the pleasure of doing the activity is more important than the benefits of its results. For people who are physically active, exercise is important to maintain or gain better health. Lifestyle changes can include dieting and regular physical activity.

Lifestyle change can also be influenced by our environment. Adler classifies environments as having one of three levels: Minimalist, Natural, or Technological. Adler classifies many things into minimalist lifestyles. He calls these Lifestyle changes minimalist lifestyles because it focuses on living a simple life with as few things as possible.


There are many reasons why you may want to change your lifestyle change can be one of them. If you feel you have an unhealthy lifestyle, you can take action today and change your Lifestyle for good. If you feel that you have an excess of lifestyle elements that are stressing you out, take action today to get rid of those elements and live a healthier lifestyle.

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