The Term Of Fashion

Fashion is a broad term encompassing various phenomena concerning the wearing of clothes, accessories and footwear in the social world of today. It includes the visual culture, where fashion is determined by adornment of objects (art) and the person’s behavior in dress and in interaction with others. The term also implies a distinct look defined by fashion industry as what is popular. It is also used to specify the range of activities that support the production of fashion.

From the term itself, fashion can be divided into several subcategories, such as one fashion, summer fashion, evening fashion, formal fashion, casual fashion and pregnancy fashion. Among the subcategories of each, one has the most prominent and universal usage in everyday language while the others have less usage in common usage. One fashion is a general category whose use is generic. For example, every woman should be able to wear any kind of dress in any occasion.

On the other hand, the term fashion as a subcategory of one fashion indicates a limited kind of dress, often worn at certain times of the year by a specified group of people. Evening and formal fashion are two other subcategories of fashion; evening fashion is typically associated with dresses for evening occasions, formal fashion on the other hand refers to dresses for a special event or a dress for the office or some form of professional function.

A number of languages in the world have their own words for the things that we commonly call fashion, such as French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. Although most of these languages use the same word for fashion as the English language, they tend to have different meanings. For instance, in French, the word ‘femme” refers not only to women, but to young girls.


This term can also indicate youth and even feminine qualities, which are contrary to the meaning of “femme enfant”. In Italian, the word for fashion is “prene” which means good, while the word in Korean for fashion is “jung” which means old. The Spanish word for fashion, “para poca”, means plainly, literally “pants”.

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