Pet-Able Animal Care

A pet-animal refers to any non-human primate that can be kept by humans for their personal use or amusement. The word “pet” comes from the Latin word “past particulate”, which means “of the past”. A pet-animal may include hamsters, cats, dogs, horses, unicorns, fish, birds, reptiles and farm animals. In more modern times, the word “pet” is used to refer to any domesticated animal kept for entertainment or the care of a disabled or elderly person, like a guinea pig or hamster. Pets can range from the tiniest mouse to the largest tiger. These animals are generally raised commercially in zoos and sanctuaries.

Animals considered to be a pet have an allotted period of time during which they should be cared for by their owners. The word “pet” actually originated from the word “familiar”, which meant “of a familiar”. Some people used the term “pet” to refer to animals kept in cemeteries, while others used it to mean any domesticated animal that was trained for companionship. In modern times, many different breeds of domestic dogs are categorized as being pets, including mutts, poodles, toy poodles, and other dog breeds. Birds such as cockatiels, budgies, parakeets and macaws are also commonly kept as pets.

A pet-animal is usually trained by its owner in a variety of ways, usually through food rewards and affection. Training an animal to meet specific needs can be achieved in a variety of ways. Some people make use of professional training methods, while others prefer to achieve their goal through creative imagination and repetition. In recent years, several organizations have made it their priority to recognize and promote the education of pet-animals; some of these include the American Animal Hospital Association and the National Aquarium Association.

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