Golf Fundraiser Ideas

Golf events can be a great way to raise money. Whether you’re a local league or a larger organization, there are various ways to raise funds through a golf fundraiser.

Some golf fundraiser ideas include selling refreshment tickets, hosting a silent auction, and holding one-on-one or putting contests. You may also be interested in selling mulligans, which allow players to take any shot in the tournament once.

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Charity Safaris Hunting Trips

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Hosting a Silent Auction

If you’re looking for a great golf fundraiser idea, consider hosting a silent auction. Silent auction items can range from memorabilia to event tickets to jewelry. Other popular items include travel packages and entertainment packages. You can even offer complimentary rounds of golf at exclusive courses.

Silent auctions are great options for golf fundraisers because they are easy to run. Set up folding tables and place bid sheets on each item. Each sheet should include the name of the item, the starting bid, and the bidders’ contact information. You can also have the donor’s name and contact information if items are donated.

Hosting a One-on-One Contest

One of the most popular golf fundraiser contests is the putting contest. This fundraiser allows golfers to compete against each other to raise money for a cause. While most people prefer the physical course, some donors prefer virtual ones until the COVID-19 vaccine rollout speeds up.

A one-on-one Golf Outing Fundraiser is a fun and easy way to raise money for a nonprofit. You can set up a game on a putting green for golfers and golfing families to compete in. The winner will receive a grand prize, and the participants will have fun.

Hosting a Putting Contest

A putting contest can be a great fundraising idea if you are in the mood to reward golfers with a prize for their best shot. It can also serve as a great networking opportunity. Most putting contests have a queue of golfers waiting to putt, so sponsors can network with them as they wait for their turn to putt. Also, a putting competition is a great place to advertise because it offers an excellent opportunity to display full-color digital shape cut signs with the sponsors’ names.

The first step in hosting a putting contest is to determine how much you want to raise. Then, write down your goals so you can be sure to reach them. Once you’ve done that, you can look at other factors, such as the average donation per player and the number of attendees.

Organizing a Golf-a-Thon

Golf-a-thon fundraisers are an excellent way to raise money for nonprofits. They are popular because they allow organizations to tap into their supporters’ networks and increase their visibility. To organize a successful fundraiser, you should determine the money you need to raise. You can do this by looking at how much people typically donate per person and how many attendees you expect.

You can also organize a hybrid golf event that allows golfers to complete the course on their own time. This way, donors can bid on the game from home and still contribute to your cause. You can also organize a golf-a-thon through an online platform that allows people to participate from anywhere. If you plan to hold an in-person event, you will need to find a venue where people can attend.


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