Exercise – The Key To Fulfill Your Dreams

Exercise is any physical activity which improves or maintains general health and well being and physical fitness. Exercise can be of different types like cardiovascular exercises, muscle-building, weight training and aerobic exercises. Generally, people exercise for many reasons. In this world, people want to stay fit and healthy and also want to live longer. A number of researches have proved that people who exercise live longer than those who do not exercise.

Studies also show that exercise has a direct impact on reducing the chances of various kinds of cancer. The kind of exercise you choose to perform will determine your level of physical exertion, ability to tolerate rough conditions and energy levels. A moderate level of exercise comprises of walking briskly for about half an hour, jogging slowly for about an hour and stretching for at least 20 minutes. A rigorous physical activity is something that requires much more strength, endurance and energy.

It includes activities like power lifting, cycling, swimming, mountain climbing, weight training, skating, mountain climbing, rugby, tennis and soccer. Aerobic exercises, such as jogging, brisk walking, rowing, biking, running and climbing are considered to be a moderate amount of exercise. Exercises that involve high levels of energy require a good degree of skill and technique and hence, need to be performed with great care. You cannot perform a good job of exercising if you are not careful enough or do not warm up properly before you begin.


There are many kinds of exercises, but you must choose ones that you find relaxing and do them regularly. Exercise does not make you a fit person, but it makes you healthier through improved flexibility. Regular exercises help in improving your flexibility, increase your muscle strength and reduce your risk of suffering muscle injuries and strains.

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