Exercise – Is It Important?

Exercises are activities that improve our physical condition by enhancing muscular strength, improving flexibility, increasing cardiovascular efficiency, decreasing body fat, and decreasing injury. The word “exercise” actually derives from the Latin word “exercitus” which means exercise or action. Exercise is any physical activity which improves or upholds general health and well being and physical fitness.

These activities include but are not limited to aerobic exercises, muscle-strengthening exercises, strength training exercises, flexibility exercises, and weight training exercises. Although all of these exercises can be effective in improving one’s health, some are more beneficial than others. Cardiovascular exercises such as running, walking, and cycling are known to be beneficial in burning calories and lowering one’s risk for diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

However, these exercises do not provide much of a workout and can be very boring, especially if one is trying to lose weight. For this reason, many people prefer other types of exercises, especially those that are more intense and can provide more benefit. One type of exercise that has been proven to help in losing weight is swimming, but the extent to which it can help in weight loss is still unknown. The most common form of exercise is running, which can be done virtually anywhere and for many different lengths of time.


Studies have shown that people who run daily have more energy and are less likely to suffer from dehydration. Another form of exercise that has shown to be beneficial to overall health is cycling. Cycling can be done slowly or at a greater intensity, and provides a great workout for those who like to travel and do their exercise at their own pace. In addition to the health benefits of cycling, swimming has also shown to be a great form of exercise, providing an effective workout for those who like to swim but are too busy to go to a pool or lake on a regular basis.

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