Examples of Software Packages

Software is a series of instructions which tell a particular computer how to perform a certain operation. For example, if you were to look at a car, you would see that the steering wheel moves according to how the driver is steering it. This is similar to the computer world, where programs tell the computer how to do something. The programming language that computer programmers use is called “PC languages”. There are different languages used in the creation of software. One popular type of software is the Windows Software, which is widely used on computers today.

Software as a service (SaaS) is similar to the software as it pertains to the SaaS model, where the client can be a service provider who sells the service of having an application and server that run autonomously on their own. In this case, the server is only accessible by the user who has hired it. Another good example is the Linux Open Source Software, which is free. It is based on the very common kernel. But unlike Microsoft, an Open Source software does not require licensing fees to be paid for it. This makes it cheaper for users because the cost of development of such kind of software is very minimal.

There are two types of software packages, either low-level or high-level. A low-level package is one that deals with very simple operations; it may be used for a single operation or a series of operations. But if the software package is designed for a specific business need, then it would be classified as a high-level software package.

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