Education – The Key to the Success of Any Society

Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, social skills, values, moral beliefs, habits, and interpersonal development. Educational systems often include training, teaching, classroom discussions, directed practice, testing and evaluation. The process promotes self-awareness, social interaction, problem-solving, and promotes a sense of responsibility in the learners. Education encourages learners to learn by taking in information and making it available to them. It provides learners with opportunities to apply what they have learned in a practical way.

A good education is necessary for a person to be competent in his vocation and in the public arena. A better educated person is one who is able to contribute to a better society. Education ensures that people are economically, socially, physically and emotionally well-off. A better educated person can contribute in the betterment of his/her community.

A good education helps an individual to rise above the rest and make a mark for him/herself. A better educated person is more likely to get a good job and to make a difference in his/her family and community. Education helps create healthy relationships between people. It also develops the mentally, emotionally and physically well-trained person.

In the 21st century, a lot of emphasis is being put on distance education and digital age. There has been tremendous growth in the number of universities and colleges that are offering degree courses through distance learning. Distance learning programs are now offered by almost all the major colleges and universities in the United States. The courses include Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate programs. Distance education helps people to work while attending college at the same time.

The major benefit of online college courses is that they help people to achieve higher education. Today, almost every person needs some form of higher education or professional training because of the rising complexities in the society. People who cannot afford formal course should opt for the informal courses. Through informal courses, one can get enough knowledge about life and also learn about various fields like computer science, psychology etc.


A well-educated person is capable of facing new situations and problems. Education opens the doors of opportunity. With the help of better education, a person will be able to handle any kind of situations in life. Education teaches people to think for themselves, solve problems and use their brain power. A well-educated person has a positive outlook in the world around them and can easily adapt to the changing environment of the world around us.

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