Automotive – Car Industry in the October City Citation Needed

Automotive – automobile is a wheeled running vehicle used for transport. In most modern definitions of automobiles, they say they are long wheeled running vehicles, have one or more wheels, seats eight people comfortably and primarily transport persons rather than products. Automotive – car therefore refers to any vehicle designed for transportation and not for entertainment.

Automotive – car industry is the second largest after the petroleum industry in terms of revenue generated and accounts for more than a fifth of the world’s automotive revenue. The reason for this may be because car manufacturers are always looking for new ways to improve and make their products better and more convenient and the auto parts market has continually expanded in response to consumer demands. The automotive industry employs over 24 million people worldwide.

Many people work in the automotive industry in various capacities including engineers, designers, mechanics, sales personnel and others. There are numerous changes taking place in the auto industry such as the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles, lighter weight cars, more efficient engines, advanced technology and new materials. The need for auto parts that perform better and offer a better value for money is also increasing. This means that it will be difficult for any company to survive in the automotive industry without specialized Automotive – car manufacturing employees.


If you’re interested in becoming an Automotive – car part maker, there are a number of schools and colleges where you can acquire your high school diploma or GED equivalent in automotive industry. In the case of GED holders, you can obtain a diploma or degree specific to the automotive industry in the October city citation needed. There are also colleges offering online courses for those who do not have time to attend regular classes.

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