Answering Common Questions About ED

ED (or Erectile Dysfunction) is a common condition that affects many men around the world, regardless of their age and their demographics. The primary symptom of this condition is the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection long enough to have sex.

Considering the nature of the condition, it is sometimes difficult to initiate a conversation about the condition with a specialist. Therefore, to answer any potential questions and misconceptions related to ED, read the following Pharmica article.

What Causes ED?

When it comes to the causes of erectile dysfunction, there are 2 primary reasons.

One of them is restricted blood flow – having lower blood pressure prevents the blood from reaching its intended destination, thus causing ED. This could occur due to heart health issues such as diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, obesity as well as ageing and other underlying health complications

Another primary cause is the premature release of PDE-5 enzymes which are responsible for subsiding the erections. This could occur due to both physiological and psychological reasons like anxiety, depression and stress

Is ED Common?

In reality, erectile dysfunction is a common condition that affects at least half of all men under the age of 40 once or more in their lifetimes. As our bodies age, the risk of ED condition grows substantially, affecting more and more men. On the other hand, the number of younger men being diagnosed with ED is also growing due to increasing concerns related to mental health as well as drug and alcohol consumption.

How Do I Know My Cause Of ED?
If someone is experiencing ED that was not a concern previously, it is important to investigate the reasons behind it. To start with, analysing the medication intake can potentially eliminate ED as some treatments like antidepressants can affect men’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Consulting with the prescribing pharmacist could provide a useful insight into the potential correlation between the two.

Furthermore, negative habits like smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs can also increase the risks of ED occurring by narrowing the blood vessels and thus affecting the blood flow. An improvement might be noticed if these habits are eliminated or even reduced

In addition, psychological factors such as anxiety and stress can often contribute to the risk of ED occurring. Therefore, discussing the mental concerns with a professional or the partner could reduce the risk of ED occurring

Finally, if the ED condition is still present, it is worth discussing it with the professional that might provide a useful insight into the core of the problem, depending on whether it is a psychological or psychological concern.

Can ED Be Cured?

Once the key primary cause of ED is identified, it is important to start addressing the key cause. In the long run, eliminating negative habits while ensuring that a healthy lifestyle is maintained could be an effective way of ensuring that ED risks are reduced to the minimum. Furthermore, discussing and addressing potential psychological concerns can reduce the risk even further.

Furthermore, ED can be tackled with clinically proven, safe and effective erectile dysfunction treatments like Viagra which are proven to help millions of men. These ED treatments are mostly composed of PDE-5 enzyme inhibitors that make achieving an erection easier.

In summary, combining lifestyle improvements with ED treatments can be an effective way to treat ED in the long run.

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